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Smooth and creamy no-bake keto fudge recipe made with pumpkin pie spice and canned pumpkin.

The easy one-pot recipe is made with only 6 simple ingredients in under 10 minutes, only 0.8g net carbs.

The delicious low-carb fudge recipe can even be frozen.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (1)

When it’s pumpkin season, winter, fall, or Thanksgiving, it’s great to find new pumpkin puree recipes that won’t mess with your blood sugar and keep you on track with your low-carb diet.

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Is pumpkin keto?

Pumpkin is a low-carb vegetable that’s widely used for those on a keto diet or low-carb diet.

Pumpkin is only 6g net carbs per 100g which makes it ideal for sweet low-carb recipes. Pumpkin adds color, flavor, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and a subtle sweet taste.

Pumpkin can be used for savory dishes such as pumpkin and coconut soup, keto pumpkin and bacon soup, roast pumpkin, or mashed pumpkin with butter and garlic. It can also be used in sweet desserts such as keto chocolate pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie spice fudge, and pumpkin pie spice latte.

It is low carb, low calorie, low fiber, low protein, and contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.

Pumpkin nutrition serving per 100g: 6.5 g total carbs, 0.5 g fiber, 6 g net carbs, 1 g protein, 0.1 g fat, 26 calories.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (3)

Fudge ingredients

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (4)

The simple keto pumpkin fudge recipe only needs a few simple ingredients, which you probably have in your pantry and fridge already.

For this healthy pumpkin recipe, you’ll need to ensure you only use the full-fat cream cheese. Be warned – if you use the spreadable cream cheese, it will NOT be set as a block of fudge that can be cut. You would have to freeze it, to ensure it is firm enough to be cut with a knife.

All quantities and full instructions are in the recipe card below.

Pumpkin puree – fresh pumpkin puree or pumpkin pie filling will work in this pumpkin fudge. Ensure whichever pumpkin puree you use is low moisture, otherwise, the pumpkin fudge recipe will not set.

ButterYou can use salted butter or unsalted butter in this fudge recipe. Adjust salt before pouring. Salt actually brings out the sweetness in a recipe.

Cream cheese– always use a full-fat block of cream cheese, otherwise, your fudge will not set and you will have to freeze your fudge.

Pumpkin pie spice – you can buy a ready-made spice jar or make your own homemade pumpkin pie spice.

Vanilla – you can use vanilla essence or vanilla extract. You could also use maple syrup extract too.

Sweetener– use your favorite sugar-free sweetener or sugar replacement. Add more or less than the recipe suggests. You may need twice the amount of sweetener if you are a beginner.

How to make homemade pumpkin spice

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (5)

You can buy a spice jar of pumpkin pie spice or you can make your own homemade pumpkin spice mix with a few simple spices.

This way you can adjust each flavor to your liking, it’s cheaper, and you know exactly what the ingredients are so you can avoid added sugars and unnecessary starches.

Once you have your own freshly made jar of pumpkin spice, you can make a wide variety of recipes at the end of this post. Pies, soup, fudge, and even the famous Starbucks pumpkin pie spice latte.

Substitutions and variations

Pumpkin – You make your own homemade puree. Fresh pumpkin can be cooked and pureed until it is smooth OR you may use the tinned/canned pumpkin pie filling. Just remember to read the nutrition label to confirm there are no added sugars or starches.

If you make your own pumpkin puree, gently steam or boil your fresh pumpkin until soft. You must make sure you allow all the steam to escape before pureeing It must be low moisture otherwise the pumpkin fudge will not set properly and will be too wet and damp.

Chocolate – once the fudge mixture has cooled, and before pouring it into the lined baking tin, you can stir through some sugar-free dark chocolate chips or sugar-free white chocolate chips.

For low-carb chocolate fudge, you can make keto chocolate fudge recipe with walnut pieces and sugar-free chocolate chips.

How to make pumpkin fudge from scratch

Full instructions are in the printable recipe card below and you can also watch the recipe video.

Step 1: Gently heat the butter in a small saucepan over low heat or gently melt it in a microwave using a microwave-safe bowl.

Place all the other ingredients in the saucepan (or bowl) and warm together and mix until smooth.DO NOT OVERHEAT.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (6)

Step 2: Remove your saucepan from the heat, and allow it to cool slightly, mixing all the time to ensure the butter doesn’t separate.

Pour into a baking pan that has been lined with baking parchment paper.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (7)

Step 3: Sprinkle chopped pecans or walnuts over the surface of the sugar-free fudge.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (8)

Step 4: Place the fudge in the fridge to set it completely. When set, slice into small squares with a sharp knife. Alternatively, once the fudge is almost set, you can roll the mixture into balls and then freeze.

Keto fudge toppings

There are so many delicious ways to decorate a classic fudge, these variations will satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Macadamia nuts, pecans, or chopped walnuts – chopped nuts are optional, but sprinkle a few salted chopped nuts over the top of the sugar-free pumpkin fudge recipe for that little extra salty crunch.
  • Sugar-free chocolate chips – stir a handful of sugar-free chocolate chips through the mixture before you pour it into the prepared tin, and sprinkle a few more over the top.

How to store fudge

Always wait before you slice the keto fudge and allow it to cool completely otherwise the fudge squares will be too soft and not hold their shape.

You can store keto fudge in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 days. It can also be stored in a freezer for up to 3 months.

Frozen fudge is absolutely delicious to nibble on and it restricts how fast you can eat each square. For a quick keto frozen dessert, serve with whipped cream.

More pumpkin pie spice recipes

There are so many low-carb recipes and keto recipes that use pumpkin pie spice flavor with zero guilt. Each recipe is gluten-free and keto-friendly.

  • How to make homemade pumpkin spice mix
  • Keto pumpkin pie spice latte
  • Keto chocolate pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin pie mug keto cheesecake

If it’s more keto fudge recipes you’re wanting, try keto peanut butter fudge for that real peanut butter flavor. You can even make it with almond butter too.

And chocolate keto fudge made with unsweetened cocoa powder is a classic keto chocolate fudge with sugar-free chocolate chips sprinkled over the top.

Expert recipe tips

Why doesn’t my pumpkin pie fudge set?

You may have overheated the fudge or may have accidentally used a spreadable or lite, low-fat cream cheese. These will not set the fudge. You would have to freeze it, to ensure it is firm enough to be cut with a knife.

Why has my fudge separated?

Do not overheat the cream cheese or it will split and separate. Just heat gently, so the butter and cream cheese mix together beautifully. If it has separated, allow the fudge to cool, and as the butter begins to set, stir the mixture back together. Stir again to emulsify before pouring into the lined baking dish.

Do I need to boil the fudge?

No. If the cream cheese and butter are heated too high, they will begin to separate. Only warm enough on low heat to melt the butter and cream cheese together.

Can I make this pumpkin pie fudge dairy-free?

No, this particular recipe is based entirely on dairy products such as butter and cream cheese. However, you may enjoy dairy-free chocolate Bounty bars (coconut bars) instead of this low-carb fudge.

Which sweetener is best for fudge?

You can use a granulated sweetener but a powdered sweetener will give a smoother texture.

Can fudge be frozen?

This sugar-free fudge recipe can be frozen for up to 3 months in an airtight container.

How do you harden fudge?

To set the fudge quickly, place the fudge in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Which container is best for fudge?

It is easiest to set the keto fudge recipe in a square baking dish that has been lined with baking parchment paper, making it easy to remove the fudge squares.

However, any type of baking pan will work such as a round cake tin, loaf pan, or loose bottom tin.

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (9)

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake)

Smooth and creamy no-bake pumpkin pie keto fudge (0.8g net carbs). An easy one-pot recipe made in under 10 minutes.

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Course: Sweet treats

Cuisine: Egg free, Gluten Free, Grain free, Keto, LCHF, Low Carb, No Sugars, Wheat Free

Keyword: Sugar free pumpkin pie fudge

Prep Time: 10 minutes minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes minutes

Servings: 25

Calories: 80.4kcal

Author: Thinlicious.com

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  • Stick Blender


  • 110 g pumpkin puree
  • 220 g butter
  • 100 g cream cheese full fat
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin pie spice mix
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp powdered sweetener or more to taste
  • pinch salt


  • Gently heat the butter in a small saucepan on low heat then place all the other ingredients in the saucepan and gently warm together and mix until smooth.

  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow to cool, stirring to ensure the fudge does not seperate.

  • Pour into a baking dish that has been lined with baking parchment paper and sprinkle chopped pecans or walnuts to garnish.

  • Place in the fridge. When set, cut into small squares.



Please read the recipe FAQ before you begin.

Do not overheat the butter and cream cheese.

Mix the warm fudge while allowing it to cool, before pouring it into your lined baking tin.


Serving: 1squareCalories: 80.4kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 0.4gFat: 8.6gSodium: 76.2mgPotassium: 20.2mgFiber: 0.2gSugar: 0.3gVitamin A: 959.7IUVitamin C: 0.3mgCalcium: 10.5mgIron: 0.2mg

Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (10)
Easy Pumpkin Pie Keto Fudge Recipe (No Bake) - Thinlicious (2024)
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