50 Recipe Infographics to Make You a Better Cook (2024)

People don’t cook anymore, which is a shame. It’s a lost art, especially for certain generations. However, we shouldn’t point fingers. Not being able to cook is a significant loss. One of the main reasons why many people don’t cook is that they don’t know how, and they don’t have the time or interest to learn a few good recipes themselves.

Here are some funky, interesting, and well-illustrated infographics for people who love baking and cooking, as well as those who don’t know how to. Some of these infographics cover the basics of equipment, while others go through processes that last for days or even months! (Be warned, you may get hungry from reading this post.)

1. 27 Irresistible Topping Combos for Gourmet Grilled Pizza

This beautifully illustrated infographic mimics chalkboard drawings and also contains some pretty interesting pizza recipes.

Source: sheknows.com

2. Ramen Hacks

If you have seen a few food hacks that include ramen, know that this is a thing. Try these recipes and you might be able to see why.

Source: bitesizedbiggie.com

3. Ultimate Guide to Pairing Soup with Wine and Beer

Perhaps suited for those in the food service industry, here is a simple infographic for pairing soup with wine or beer.

Source: vinepair.com

4. How to measure your Perfect Portion

It’s basically how to measure portions of foodstuff with just your hand.

Source: kptncook.com

5. Just Juice It!

Here are three simple juice recipes that are easy to make and easier to finish.

6. How to Make a Skinny Smoothie

A short and sweet infographic to mix things up a little. Who doesn’t love a smoothie for a hot summer day?

Source: skinnyms.com

7. Summer co*cktails

A simple but stunning infographic for two summer co*cktails.

Source: cocorrina.com

8. 10 DIY Dry Rub Recipes

Here are 10 DIY dry rub recipes for spices, for some crazy awesome spices.

Source: sheknows.com

9. Elixir Love

Need some fuel and nourishment for your soul? You’ve come to the right infographic.

Source: meghantelpner.com

10. Eat This For Breakfast

This infographic is great for those who want to make better nutritional choices? Get ready to be a whole lot healthier.

Source: scripps.org

11. How to Make Your Own Wine

If you have 11 to 90 days to spare, you can actually make your own wine.

Source: visual.ly

12. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee takes the heat off coffee making, but you need 12 to 18 hours before you can taste its results. Up for it?

Source: jujusprinkles.com


There’s more to pasta than spaghetti and fettucine. Here’s 20 more.

Source: visual.ly

14. Salsa, Spice and Everything Nice

An awesome visual guide to food, beverages and desserts in Mexican Cuisine.

Source: visual.ly

15. Grill Master

Know your way around meat and the grill? This Grill Master infographic will help you level up faster.

Source: lifehacker.com

14. Surprising Foods to Help Sooth Stress

The science behind the healthy benefits of food takes center stage in this infographic.

15. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Desserts

Want to make Cookie Truffles or Nutty Chocolate Croissants or Frozen Banana Pops? If they sound tasty to you, you definitely should. Here are the ingredients.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

16. 25 Smoothie Recipes

A fan of smoothies? You’re going to love this infographic then. Get your blender and ice cubes ready.

17. A Care Guide for Cast Iron Skillets

If you want to know your food, you need to know how to use and treat your equipment right.

Source: simpleseasonal.com

18. Farm to Fork

An informative infographic on how certain types foods should food should not be making it to our dinner table.

19. Food and Wine Pairing Basics

Dining with wine requires some basic pairings, like flavor, taste and textures. Learn which pairs with what kind.

Source: visual.ly

20. Tea Time

For days when you should take a break from coffee, why not try tea instead? It’s healthy, it’s fun to make and it makes you feel classy at times too.

Source: visual.ly

21. Around the World in 80 Drinks

Wow your party guests with some regional knowledge of alcoholic drinks. How many do you know?

Source: visual.ly

22. 50 Culinary Hacks to make You A Kitchen Master

We love hacks, including culinary ones. Apparently you can use cookie cutters for a lot more than just baking cookies.

Source: visual.ly

23. Baking Pan Conversion Chart

Those who are new to baking should find this chart helpful. Probably should look at it before they go shopping for pans as well.

Source: allrecipes

24. Formula for a Simple Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette made simple with a handy infographic and three simple recipes you can easily master.

Source: cooksmarts.com

25. How to Store your Groceries

These days we do what we can to not waste food and part of that process requires knowing how to store them well enough for them to last until they get used. This is what makes this infographic great.

Source: Tasty

26. Encyclopedia of Pasta

Did you know there are this many types and forms of pasta? This encyclopedia is absolutely insane.

Source: Daily Infographics

27. How to Fillet a Fish

Many of us know how to eat a fish, some would know to get it in fillet form in the market, but few will have actually fillet a fish with their bare hands. Here’s how.

Source: wideopenspaces.com

28. How to Make a Sourdough Starter

There are many sourdough starter instructions out there. But few are in infographic form like this. Let’s conduct some Science!

Source: heoyeahyum.com

29. The Chef’s Guide to Knives

Knife knowledge abysmal to begin with? Find out the difference between julienne, chiffonade and dicing and a bucnh of knife-related stuff you have no idea exists.

Source: visual.ly

30. Kitchen Volume Conversion Aid

How much is a teaspoon? Is it the same for everyone? If you break it down to milliliters then that’s a yes. Let’s get converted!

Source: visual.ly

31. Guide to Flavoring With Spices

Those TV chefs keep going off about allspice and turmeric and nutmeg and more. Well, if you can go through this detailed infographic, you will (finally) understand what they are talking about.

Source: cooksmarts.com

32. 10 Easy Homemade Soups

Love mom’s chicken soup but don’t know how to make it? Why limit yourself to just chicken-for-sick-people soup? Here are 10 awesome half-hour recipes.

Source: shape.com

33. Conversion Chart: Basic Ingredients

If cooking recipes confound you everytime they use the term "cup", this chart will show you what they actually meant in metrics.

Source: javacupcake.com

34. Conversion Chart: Measurements & Temperatures

Here’s another conversion chart you should have in the kitchen if you bake.

Source: javacupcake.com

35. How to Brine a Turkey

There’s an infographic for everything out there, including one on how to get your turkey ready. It also comes with do’s and don’ts when it comes to brining.

Source: traegergrills.com

36. Knives of the Kitchen

Ever wonder what those differently shaped knives are good for? Plenty, in fact. Check out the how each of these knives make the cut.

Source: visual.ly

37. 50 Simple Salads for Every Season

An incredible infographic with 50 salad recipes for all four seasons, complete with 5 different dressing recipes. You have no reason to not love veggies after this.

Source: cooksmarts.com

38. The World’s Best Guacamole

The world’s best guacamole needs 10 ingredients and only 1 hour or so to make. Will it live up to the hype? You need to try it yourself to find out, I guess.

Source: visual.ly

39. Ultimate Party meatballs

Who knew a meatball recipe would include jellied cranberry sauce? If you do try this recipe though, let us know how it turned out.

Source: visual.ly

40. Best 5 Hot Drinks to Warm Your Toes

Make your own "specialty drink" with the recipes shared by a Beverage Manager (apparently, they are the ones in charge of creating new drinks to quench their customer’s thirst).

Source: visual.ly

41. Coffee Recipes for the Happy Drinker

Regular coffee boring you? Spice things up a little with the recipes and instructions in this frappe-filled infographic.

Source: visual.ly

42. #KnowYourKnives

While we’d probably have half a dozen knives to our name, there are actually a ton of other knives that get the job done more easily. Do you know your knives?

Source: visual.ly

43. Kitchen 101: Eggs

Eggs are one of the main and most versatile ingredients to use while baking. Understand eggs better with this infographic.

Source: kitchengeek.net

44. Guide to Aromatics

Create dishes that are more aromatic and healthier with the right herbs and vegetables with this handy guide. The garlic and onions are worth it.

Source: cooksmarts.com

45. Ultimate Burger Guide

If you love cookouts, making patties, grilling burgers, concocting family recipe sauces, get a leg up on your BBQ-ing skills with this awesome infographic.

Source: cooksmarts.com

46. 38 Ways to Make The Perfect Coffee

Coffee fanatics might love this infographic which breaks down the compositions of 38 different coffees. How many have you even heard of?

Source: visual.ly

50 Recipe Infographics to Make You a Better Cook (2024)
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