10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Pego (2024)

by Tiffany Raiford

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Pego (1)

Katie Pego is one of four girls chosen to represent a new content house. A content house, if you aren’t familiar with one, is a house that houses social media stars who are looking to grow their fame and share their followers with one another. Houses like the Sway House and the Hype House are a few of the original houses, but Katie Pego and her young friends are now officially part of the Top Talent House. She’s moving in with the likes of Anna Shumate, Rachel Brockman, and Eva Cudmore to an LA house that is just for them. What’s she like? Let’s learn more about this young social media influencer.

1. She’s Very Young

Like the rest of the girls in her new house, she’s very young. She’s only 17. She and two of the other girls in the Top Talent House are only 17, and the young Rachel Brockman is only 16. Katie Pego was born on July 16, 2003. We have so many questions about how this works, though. They’re underage, so do they actually live there or just visit with adult supervision on occasion? Someone let us know.

2. She’s Always Loved Being Expressive

Since she was a child, she’s been a huge fan of expressing herself. She’s had a lot of time to practice dancing and acting. Like so many other little girls, young Katie thought she might one day grow up to be part of the entertainment industry. She’s still young, but she’s living the dream her former childhood self created.

3. She’s Famous for Her Dancing

It’s her lip-syncing and dancing that made her famous online. She, like the other girls in her new house, all do the same thing, and it has us wondering what is so special and exciting about what they’re doing. It seems all the kids do the same dances and sing the same songs, so what brings attention to her ahead of so many other young girls her own age?

4. COVID-19 Ruined Her Prom

On May 16, it looks like she should have been enjoying her prom with her friends. Instead, it looks like she and her friends dressed up in their gorgeous gowns, donned their masks, and gave the literal finger to the pandemic while spaced 6 feet from one another. Her Instagram page shows the photos, and we feel the same way they did.

5. She’s From Long Island

We aren’t sure if she grew up here or not, but she’s from the area. She has a lot of photos of herself around different parts of the Long Island area, including photos of herself mid-quarantine taking walks and posing for photos along the empty streets of Port Jefferson.

6. She’s Going to College

She says it right in her Instagram biography that she is Cortland College class of 2025. We cannot verify at the moment, but we assume this means she’s currently finishing up her senior year of high school (and obviously, we mean just starting since it’s only October 2020) and she will start her college career in the fall of 2021.

7. She Plays Lacrosse

And, she’s really good at it. She committed to playing the game at Cortland College, and she’s going to do it. She’s been playing a long time, and she loves it. She posted to Instagram back in September that she’s committed to the game and the school, and we think that’s an amazing thing for her to do.

8. She’s Dedicated to Learning

She and her new housemate friends might not be living full time in LA at the Top Talent House, but they are spending as much time there as they can. They’re also doing their schoolwork while they are there. She and Anna Shumate posed for a photo while in bed with their laptops both doing schoolwork while there. We are just glad they are keeping up with their studies.

9. She’s Private

There’s a lot going on in her life right now, but she’s as private as they come. As a girl who is still a minor, however, we think this is amazing. We love that she doesn’t share too much about where she is and what she’s doing, or about her private or her personal life. She’s got to maintain her privacy.

10. She Likes Dogs

The girls in the Top Talent House have made some friends with some guys who are also internet stars, and they are visiting the house regularly. One of them, by the name of Griffin, has brought with him a dog. She loves the dog, and we love that she loves dogs.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katie Pego (2024)
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